Sacro Wedgy - Male Version

45,00 € pro Stück

The Back Aid Sacro Stabilizer - Helps Relieve Back Pain
Just 10-20 minutes a day and for many it's worked when all else has failed!!
The Sacro Wedgy® is not ALWAYS a quick fix, but it's great when it is!

In use almost 15 years, The Sacro Wedgy® has helped thousands get relief from a variety of symptoms such as sciatica, low back pain, hip pain, knee pain and more. Relaxing on a regular basis helps the muscles slowly rebalance using gravity to do most of the work. It is not a quick fix--nothing is; however, addressing and helping to correct bad posture and "out of balance" muscle structure helps treat the origin of the problem rather than treat the symptom. The Sacro Wedgy® is available in a male or female version.

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